Here We Go Again

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cool stuff

At Paper Posies they issued a challenge to search other people's blogs for inspiring things and I tell ya there are some creative and talented people out there. I would love to meet some of these people. Here are a few ideas I liked. I think I will start posting more photos on my blog of things that inspire me so that I will remember them. Some things are pretty random, but there are some good quotes and layout ideas that I will definitely find useful.

1. I was inspired by Allie's digital b-day card. I will come back and make some of those for future birthdays.
2. Deboss technique
3. Pink sash on a temple wedding gown. Is that weird?
4. "Life is Wonderful" by Jason Mraz
5. "All stories are important and weave into the great whole."
6. Make a layout about my faith.
7. Make an inspiration notebook (ads, layouts, colors, projects, and home decor)
8. Make cards for "other" moms in my life
9. Make a page pull from an envelope.
10. "Your home is more than the sum of its walls. Make it a sacred space."
11. Bikram yoga = a 90 minute workout in a room that is 105 degrees and 40% humidity. Uggggh
12.Carrie Colbert's wedding dress=very pretty
13. Make a "Today" layout to represent different times of the day.
14. "Selling a house means keeping it clean." HA HA
15. Scrap photos from one particular year on one layout.
16. Spray paint a piece of furniture brown and it will look brand new.
17. I like the yo yo garland.
18. I yelled at a ninja because Big Bird said to and he's my leader. (funny, go to Jennifer Pebbles blog)
19. I want to be my daughter's friend and her mom.
20. Overlap your elements.
21. "Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons." Ruth Ann Schabaker
22. I am 55% normal.
23. Have a lemonade party. Sounds good
24. Damask wallpaper? Interesting look in a craft studio.
25. I want the 7 Gypsies 2 way album.
26. My weekend started with grade 8 dress shopping... what a nightmare!
27. Hamblies smell like vanilla.
28. I'm headed out to get a pedicure with Jessi, it's how she chose to celebrate her birthday.
29. Vintage Hem-creates slips meant to be seen underneath skirts (cute)
30. When Daughtry was on, last season, I was totally into him.
31. I like the tag idea to create a word.
32. Cute children's hairdo tutorials
33.Love the color of her scrap room and the photo rack from Pottery Barn.
34. Make a "She has" layout
35. I just love the colors pink, lime green, light blue, and olive green together.
36. Because I actually got a full nights sleep, the first in a week.
37. I like to have a stash of books, when it gets low, I get panicky.
38. fun scattegories game for your blog using the initial of your first name.
39. We spent my 1st official Mother's Day in Las Vegas.
40. I'm in love with our new blue wall.
41. She made the most amazing looking cupcakes.
42. Cool site-fontologie
43. Take photos of my favorite things
44. Vintage egg cartons make cute decorations
45. Love JB new rubons (hint hint)
46. Word is "GO"
47. I had a great annual review with my boss today
48. Cute Urban Lily mini album
49. Purged, surged, and tossed, then I painted and organized.
50. On adhering felt ribbon-use liquid adhesive and let it get tacky, or use staples, sew, or use brads.
51. Really pretty table setting for a baby shower.
52. Sometimes a photo just inspires you so you stay up all night scrapping it.
53. Since the police haven't arrived to take Mike into custody for robbing a bank, I'm more likely to get a card and chocolate.
54. Planting new flowers and praying that this is the season in which they make it to Fall.
55. I want that cute Golden Retriever.
56. Great photography ideas, especially the one with the mom holding the ultrasound photo
57. Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband.
58. This person has a recipe for the best chocolate chip raisin cookies in the world.
59. I mean, I know you can't really plan these things, but wouldn't it be really fab if I were to get pregnant towards the end of the summer. Ha!
60. In London they call pancakes flapjacks, who knew?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Super long post and lots of photos

So, I don't think I mentioned on here that we did accept an offer on our condo. We just had our condo inspected and nothing major was found. We were a little worried. So, now we just have to make sure their loan goes through, which looks like it will. I am so relieved and now I can start dreaming of living in our new house.

We have been looking at some furniture stores. I doubt we will have money to buy anything, but it is still fun to look. We really want a sectional in the family room and it would look really nice the way the room is set up. I've always wanted a sectional just because they look fun and comfortable. A friend of mine told me about JC Penny and their sales and I found this one for a pretty reasonable price. I haven't checked it out yet and would probably get a darker color, but I like it. We also went to this consignment store and found a really pretty armoire for our TV. It is so unique looking, but we'd have to talk the price down quite a bit. I hope we can get that at least. The people that bought our condo also bought our bed. Well, it was included with a reasonable offer and I guess the bed was what tipped them over to buying our place instead of another, so we have to look for a new bed. I like sleigh beds, so we found a couple that I like. Sorry no pics. Let's see, what else would I like. I know for my craft room I want an Ikea Expedit shelf. Been wanting one of those forever. I would also like Josh to build me a table that I can stand up at. I find my perspective while standing up is much better. Pottery Barn made a table similar to the one I'd like so Josh volunteered to make me one. :)

I'd also like Josh to build this for Sydney for the backyard. I just don't know how to make a cover, but I bet I could figure something out.

We went to see our house and they did quite a bit more since we last saw it. The inside was primed, the doors and trim were on, and some of the baseboard too. They also put up the side wall, so now we have a good idea about what size our yard will be. It's actually a pretty good sized yard. I think just the right size for Sydney. She sat in the dirt and played with the rocks in the yard. Saying that she loves going outside is kind of an understatement, but she really does.
I'm posting a bunch of pictures we took yesterday. I wanted to remember Mother's Day this year.

Just for fun. This is Sydney doing what she does best. Making a mess. Everyday she has to pull out the DVD's and now she is starting to open them up and take the DVD out of the case. If you look closely you will see her holding her favorite movie (minus the bar scene and the giant gingerbread man).

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

She's walking the walk

So, I recently made a doctor's appointment for Sydney to talk with the doctor about Sydney's decision to not walk. I just was concerned that maybe something physically was wrong with her. She turns her left foot outwards and one leg is slower than the other. But, Friday afternoon Sydney started to walk. Not just a few steps, but many many steps. I couldn't believe it, but I thought oh this will last about a day and then she won't walk again. I was wrong. She is really taking off walking. She is gaining balance and is able to turn with control. She gets up to walk without being prompted. It is so cool to see. I need to video this because I have a feeling the next step will be running away from mommy.

Like I said in an earlier post we did receive an offer, but the counter we received back was too low still and they ended up not accepting our next counter. That's fine. I think they were thinking we'd cave in and take a low price so they could get a deal, but we aren't that stupid, yet. This past weekend our condo was pretty "hot". Meaning popular. We had several people come through both Saturday and Sunday and we have gotten pretty positive feedback. I guess we may see a couple of offers this week. I am praying they are enough.

Our house has been drywalled. I haven't seen it for about a week, so who knows what else has been done. I'm trying to detach myself from it right now just in case things don't work out. I'm trying to keep positive and after this weekend I'm feeling a little more hopeful that things will work out.

Well, as Sydney would say "dye dye" = "bye bye"