Thursday, June 07, 2007

Martha Stewart

I wanted to post this photo as proof that Sydney is not a perfect angel. Although she comes close. This happened a few weeks ago. I had just purchased this brand new adorable outfit and was planning on getting portraits done of Sydney wearing it, but I decided to let her wear it this particular day. She looked sooooo cute. Well, I was off doing something and realized that Sydney was being very quiet so I went looking for her and found her sitting on a dining room chair with a tube of my lipstick she had pulled from my purse. She had it all over! It was smeared all over her clothes her hands, the table, and chair. I was so mad and I think Sydney knew she was in trouble as she started to cry too. I did find another pair of pants, but the shirt was not replacable. I'm over it now, but at the time I was pretty upset. :)

I also forgot to write about last Sunday. We decided to let Sydney go to nursery by herself. We have been taking her for part of it for the last month or so and she loves it. Now when we go to church she points to the door of nursery knowing that's where the toys are. So, she was old enough last week to go and Josh dropped her off. We checked through the peephole a couple of times to see how she was doing. One time we checked she was off playing with a hammer toy. The next time I checked they were having singing time and I could see little Sydney sitting in the chair. She wasn't singing, but I saw her checking out the kids that were. The leaders said she had done really well, so I have hope she will like nursery. When I came to get her she saw me and came running to me with this worried look like she didn't think I'd come back for her. Hopefully she will like it next week. It was nice to go to the regular meetings for the first time in like four years. I felt kind of weird, but it was good. This is Sydney's first drawing she brought home. I can tell she didn't color one side of it, but I see some scribbles on the other side. Pretty cute. It's also funny to me that they put Cindy on her paper. They probably were calling her Cindy the whole time she was in there and she probably didn't have a clue who they were talking to.

So, I just discovered Martha Stewart's website and there are some REALLY good projects on there. I am actually thinking about subscribing to her magazine now. I really liked these two projects in particular, but not sure if I could figure them out since I am sewing challenged.

So, we just heard from our realtor that our builder will pay our closing costs which is really good news. Now we can accept a lower offer and we actually got in another offer today, so we will see if they will accept our counter and if they can close in two weeks! We'll see. We just have to close by the end of June and everything will be good. I drove by our house yesterday and they started laying down the tile. It looked pretty dark, but it was hard to see through the window. I'm sure it will be nice. So exciting!


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