Thursday, June 21, 2007


So, we had our walk through of our house yesterday. It felt so much more real. Maybe we will get this house after all. Both Josh and I were so giddy yesterday. I spent several last night looking up paint colors and trying to coordinate everything. I still am not certain on anything yet. Things are progressing with the sale of our condo. I want to find out if things are solid by the end of this week though. I am not going to pack everything up only to find out we aren't moving. If this loan falls through we will sure be dissapointed and man that would be some bad luck. Anyway, we are hopeful and very excited. There are some good changes coming ahead.

Last week I took Sydney to the doctor because she has had this cough for several weeks and she needed a check up anyway. Luckily she didn't need shots, but the way she acted there, you'd have thought she got shots. I knew I was in trouble when the nurse asked me to lay her down on the bed so he could take her measurements and she flipped out. The other nurse came in and she was so nice and Sydney was so terrified of her. She cried and wouldn't hold still the whole time. So, we bought Sydney a doctor's kit to get her used to the tools. Hopefully that will alleviate some of her fears of the doctor. I'm pretty sure this fear stemmed from the last appointment when she got 5 shots. That was awful.

I have been playing in Photoshop with some photos of Sydney. She sure is a sweetie lately. Here are some cute ones of her and her daddy. She loves being outside, she's defintely not like her mommy in that respect. We got this bubble blower and she loves it, so do the dogs. While we were at Josh's parent's house, we showed Sydney Shauna's turtles and she loved them. She kept wanting to touch them. I was afraid she'd fall and crush them, but she was pretty careful. She is definitely an animal lover too.

I can't believe how old she is getting. And smart too. I will probably start working on teaching her the ABC's. She is starting to learn some numbers and she knows several colors as well. Little smartie. Josh thinks we should teach the Presidents. :) I don't even know all of the presidents. :0 She also has some cute quirks. She crosses her legs a lot, expecially when she's drinking her bottle. She just started really getting into coloring. She found a lid to a box and colored the life out of it. She also likes to hold our hands. Whenever we go in the car she has to hold both of our hands, regardless if we are driving or not. She is still pretty shy around strangers, but occassionally she will forget about being shy and become totally goofy around people. She warms up to her grandparents pretty quickly. She especially loves her Uncle Devin and I think he really likes her. She sure is a special kid. I love her more and more.

I like this shot. It looks like they are carrying on a conversation.

Sydney loves giving kisses.

Classic belly laugh. I can hear her laughing just by looking at this photo.

Ball! Ball! Ball! She is obsessed.

Here's the little guy. Sydney's newest pet.

I was kind of nervous the turtle would try and bite her finger, but he didn't. He really like Sydney.


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