Monday, May 14, 2007

Super long post and lots of photos

So, I don't think I mentioned on here that we did accept an offer on our condo. We just had our condo inspected and nothing major was found. We were a little worried. So, now we just have to make sure their loan goes through, which looks like it will. I am so relieved and now I can start dreaming of living in our new house.

We have been looking at some furniture stores. I doubt we will have money to buy anything, but it is still fun to look. We really want a sectional in the family room and it would look really nice the way the room is set up. I've always wanted a sectional just because they look fun and comfortable. A friend of mine told me about JC Penny and their sales and I found this one for a pretty reasonable price. I haven't checked it out yet and would probably get a darker color, but I like it. We also went to this consignment store and found a really pretty armoire for our TV. It is so unique looking, but we'd have to talk the price down quite a bit. I hope we can get that at least. The people that bought our condo also bought our bed. Well, it was included with a reasonable offer and I guess the bed was what tipped them over to buying our place instead of another, so we have to look for a new bed. I like sleigh beds, so we found a couple that I like. Sorry no pics. Let's see, what else would I like. I know for my craft room I want an Ikea Expedit shelf. Been wanting one of those forever. I would also like Josh to build me a table that I can stand up at. I find my perspective while standing up is much better. Pottery Barn made a table similar to the one I'd like so Josh volunteered to make me one. :)

I'd also like Josh to build this for Sydney for the backyard. I just don't know how to make a cover, but I bet I could figure something out.

We went to see our house and they did quite a bit more since we last saw it. The inside was primed, the doors and trim were on, and some of the baseboard too. They also put up the side wall, so now we have a good idea about what size our yard will be. It's actually a pretty good sized yard. I think just the right size for Sydney. She sat in the dirt and played with the rocks in the yard. Saying that she loves going outside is kind of an understatement, but she really does.
I'm posting a bunch of pictures we took yesterday. I wanted to remember Mother's Day this year.

Just for fun. This is Sydney doing what she does best. Making a mess. Everyday she has to pull out the DVD's and now she is starting to open them up and take the DVD out of the case. If you look closely you will see her holding her favorite movie (minus the bar scene and the giant gingerbread man).


Blogger Vicki & Aaron said...

Love all your pictures, and I'm so glad to hear your condo sold!!! Congrats! I hope you guys are doing well, and wish we could see you.

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