Tuesday, May 01, 2007

She's walking the walk

So, I recently made a doctor's appointment for Sydney to talk with the doctor about Sydney's decision to not walk. I just was concerned that maybe something physically was wrong with her. She turns her left foot outwards and one leg is slower than the other. But, Friday afternoon Sydney started to walk. Not just a few steps, but many many steps. I couldn't believe it, but I thought oh this will last about a day and then she won't walk again. I was wrong. She is really taking off walking. She is gaining balance and is able to turn with control. She gets up to walk without being prompted. It is so cool to see. I need to video this because I have a feeling the next step will be running away from mommy.

Like I said in an earlier post we did receive an offer, but the counter we received back was too low still and they ended up not accepting our next counter. That's fine. I think they were thinking we'd cave in and take a low price so they could get a deal, but we aren't that stupid, yet. This past weekend our condo was pretty "hot". Meaning popular. We had several people come through both Saturday and Sunday and we have gotten pretty positive feedback. I guess we may see a couple of offers this week. I am praying they are enough.

Our house has been drywalled. I haven't seen it for about a week, so who knows what else has been done. I'm trying to detach myself from it right now just in case things don't work out. I'm trying to keep positive and after this weekend I'm feeling a little more hopeful that things will work out.

Well, as Sydney would say "dye dye" = "bye bye"


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