Here We Go Again

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's tough.....being a mom

So, if my mom ever reads this, she will laugh and say, "I told you." It is hard being a mom. Yesterday Sydney had her one year doctor appointment and it was the worst one yet. I told Josh he had to come too because I just can't do it alone. I hate doctor visits and it is worse when it's Sydney's doctor visit. She was fine for a while, but then the wait just turned into an eternity. After 30 minutes of screaming and crying from Sydney, who must have know what was to come, they called in another doctor to replace the late one. He was a young guy and was really nice, but Sydney was so shy. She turned her head into my chest to avoid his smiles. I have never seen her act like that, being so shy. It was cute, but then I realized she may be shy like her mom, which I don't like. Anyway he checked her from head to toe, he put his stethescope on her chest to listen to her heart and she was so cute the way she watched him and that thing on her chest. I could hardly contain my laughter. Then, the bad news, Sydney needed five shots! I thought maybe 3, but 5! So, we waited for a nurse while Sydney cried again and then it was horrible. She was so much in pain and cried so hard. She has a pretty bad cough so she started choking in between her cries. It was awful. I started crying after the second shot. I couldn't bear to see her in so much pain. I think I will have to have Josh there for every doctor appointment now. It is just too hard for me to deal with. Sydney was a good girl though. We got home and she was her usual happy self, but very tired.
She has been doing all kinds of things. Getting into everything and pulling herself up on anything including me. She has been learning how to sign happy and to blow me a kiss. So cute. Makes me melt inside. She likes to climb up on my lap and wrap her arms around me almost like she's hugging me, but then she tries to climb over me. She weighed in at 24 lbs and 34 in at her appointment. No wonder I feel the need to go to a chiropractor. :) She is so independent compared to most kids. She has her days when she just wants to be around me, but most of the time she just goes in her room and plays with her toys. My favorite thing is to find her in her room after a long period of silence and see her reading a book. It is precious. I sure love her.
Thanks to Sydney's independence I have been able to work on some scrapbooking projects. The first one is for a sketch challenge at Paper Posies. I love their challenges because it motivates me to scrapbook and makes me not feel so guilty about getting these kits. :) The other projects were done as a guest designer for Paper Posies. I was really late in doing these since I got sick right around when they were due, but I did them anyway. The last one is a circle album and those are all the pages in it. This collage didn't turn out so good, so I'll redo that when I get a chance. Anyway, better get Sydney up from her nap.

Monday, January 08, 2007

A New Year

I have never given much thought on New Year's goals until this year. I have been thinking of so many things I want to accomplish this year and it is actually quite enjoyable. I am realizing what is important to me and therefore getting to know ME better. I am taking an online class through Big Picture Scrapbooking with Heidi Swapp. I think it will be good and make me do some deep inner digging on myself. Our first assignment is to come up with a goal and set a date when to have it done by. I have so many goals, but most don't really have a deadline. They are continuous goals. But, for the purpose of this assignment I have chosen to set the goal of getting this condo up for sale and up by March 15th. That means I have to get Josh motivated enough to do some work here. A lot of it is stuff he is going to have to do, but I can at least give him support and motivation and help wherever needed.

This is very important to get this place sold as we just bought a house! We finally did purchased a home we have been dreaming about on Saturday. Months of dreaming and analyzing and we bought a home in less than three hours. We are so excited. It was just meant to be I guess. Hopefully by the end of this year we will be in our new home.

I just started feeling better this past weekend after having a horrible cold. I thought I wasn't going to make it and almost went to the ER a couple of times. But, I am okay and now everyone else around me is getting sick. Poor Sydney has been sick for over a week and seems to get worse everyday. But, despite being sick she is still has cheerful and exploratory as ever. Just last week she went from not standing to pulling herself up, scooting along objects, and learning to get down. She also is starting to climb up things such as a box to the couch and up the stairs at my parent's house. Oh boy, I'm in for a treat. She'll be walking soon I bet. Sydney had her first experience with snow last Friday. And, well, she didn't really care for it. I guess she is like her mommy and doesn't like being cold. I'll end with a picture from our adventures in snow.