Friday, April 27, 2007

Cross your fingers

We have had a few people come and look at our house so far. Not too bad. Yesterday I got a call from an agent saying she's be by between 6-7. So, I was frantically cleaning and trying to get Sydney ready to go before then. Then I get a call from another agent who wants to come by in 5 minutes. Hello, that isn't even enough time to hang up the phone! So, I'm even more frantic trying to get things to look a little decent. This past week I've been keeping the place spotless and yesterday I was just tired of cleaning and no one coming to look and wouldn't you know it, two peolpe wanted to come by. Anyway, I don't even think the lady that scheduled at 6 even came by which makes me really mad.

Well, we have gotten an offer. It was too low, so we countered really high and he came back a little higher, but it was still too low, so we countered again. Hopefully we hear back in a couple of days what his decision is and hopefully he accepts our offer. Then, we'll be home free. It would be so nice not to have to worry about selling our condo in time and to get some of our debt paid off. Oh, I can't wait to call up these credit card companies and tell them what I really think of them. I'll have some leverage on them. :)

So, Sydney has been quite interesting lately. She is a toddler I guess. She hasn't been sleeping very good lately. Every time a tooth comes in she will not sleep the whole night and then she gets used to us being up with her. So, the other night we had to train her to sleep again. Last night she did pretty good. She woke up a couple of times, but was able to get back to sleep.

She has also been getting really good at her temper tantrums. Oh boy. For example, yesterday as I was frantically cleaning I kept saying we were going to go bye bye soon. She didn't hear the "soon" part apparently and wanted to go outside NOW. She threw the biggest tantrum. Tears, runny nose, and all.

She is also becoming very hyperactive. I think this would be from Josh. She loves to jump all over the couch and our bed, loves to throw herself on top of us and Duncan, and slide across the floor. You'd have to see this to really her in action.

She is also learning to sing actual songs now. She likes Ring Around the Rosies and Twinkle Twinkle. She'll be playing in the other room and I'll hear her singing portions of these songs. So cute. She is fun at this age, but sometimes I do wish the stage where she just laid on the floor contently looking into space. :)


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