Monday, April 23, 2007

Ok, who took my baby?

I am constantly amazed at how much Sydney is growing up. That seems to be the only thing I talk about, but she is growing too fast. I tried to do a new hair style on her and she looked so cute and grown up. She definitely is not a baby anymore. She does some pretty cute things now. She has been talking non stop. She repeats words like crazy and is developing a pretty complex vocabulary (for her at least). I love when you ask her where something is like "Sydney, where are your shoes?" and she'll raise her hands up and shrug telling me she doesn't know. She is getting really obsessed with going outside. The hard thing is we don't have a backyard, so it's tricky to get outside. She goes up to the front door and slaps the door telling me she wants to go outside. She is still obsessed with anything round that looks like a ball. She'll yell "BALL!!" before I can even see anything and sure enough there is a ball. Ever since she recovered from that horrible flu she has been eating like crazy. Like, I can't give her enough food. She even ate some asparagus and pork tonight with us for dinner. She loves cheerios. She'll stuff a whole handful in her mouth. She's hilarious. She is starting to pick up on the word "no". She thinks it's funny if I get after her. She says "do!", her way of saying no. She has said it to Duncan a couple of times. Oh dear.

Anyway, we are getting nervous about how quickly the house is being done. Our sales rep said it shouldn't take more than three months to finish. I sure hope our condo sells quick. We've only had a couple of people look at it so far and one was just a drive-by looker. I guess this will be a real test of patience and faith.


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