Thursday, March 29, 2007


Tuesday was Josh's birthday and I decided to go ahead and buy some concert tickets to see Switchfoot here at the Rialto Theater. I wasn't so sure how it was going to be, but I must say this was by far one of my favorite bands to see live. You know how you go to a concert for someone you really like and then they suck live and it just ruins it for you. This was not one of those times thank goodness. I haven't been to a concert since KFMA day back in 2005. I had just found out I was pregnant with Sydney like the day before and was not excited about going to a concert anymore. I do remember being really hungry and wanting some chili fries real bad. Going to this concert made me reminisce about my rebelious concert-going days. I have been to quite a few. The worst one was Edgefest? Up in Phoenix in July. I about died from dehydration and almost died several times in a Pennywise mosh pit. I'm not really sure why I was in that crowd. Josh and I both agree that the Jimmy Eat World, The Format, and Something Corporate concert was one of the best. It was up at the Mesa Amphitheatre on a grassy lawn outside. Very fun. I also enjoyed seeing Yellowcard live too. The violin in a rock band is a very cool sound. My worst was both Blink 182 concerts. I kept talking myself into thinking they were a great and wholesome band, but I realize they are not and the people that go to these concerts are not either. I saw so many body parts that I didn't want to see. Ugh. Anyway, Switchfoot was great. So much energy and the lead singer is a REALLY good singer. He just knew how to sing and to involve the crowd. It was great and I'd see them again. Now I want to go to more concerts again. I thought I was too old for that, but I really like concerts and the energy at them. Although I do really feel old when I see the kids at these things. Josh and I were joking about how old we were. He actually though about bringing ear plugs! We even sat down for the opening bands because we were so tired. :0 We did manage to get our old selves up for the headlining band and it was fun. Oh to be young and carfree again. :)


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