Thursday, April 19, 2007

On the Market

So, our condo is finally up on the market. We have a few minor things to finish, but probably nothing anyone will notice as they come to see our place. Here is the listing.,-N371518,-N,-A,-N18022383

Way exciting to see it up. I'll miss this place, but I am looking forward to our new home and the memories we will have there. One thing I'll probably be emotional about when we leave, is this is Sydney's first home. I was just reminiscing yesterday as I was walking up the stairs with her. I was holding her hand as she slowly took her steps up the stairs. I remember like it was yesterday when we arrived home from the hospital with her. She was snug in her carseat and I was emotional wondering what I was going to with this tiny baby. It was all overwhelming. Josh and I brought her in and laid her in her crib and all I could do was stare at this cute little thing in a huge crib. I guess I will have similar memories in our new house. ;)
I am posting some more pictures from this past weekend. We went up to Mesa for my Great Grandma's funeral. It was nice, but hard to say goodbye. I still can't believe she is not here. I loved the talks given at her service. I learned so much more about my Grandma. I realize now that I need to do some family history research. I want to learn more about my family members and their lives. It is interesting to connect their lives to my own and see the differences and similarities. My favorite story was how my Grandma and Grandpa met. My Grandma was playing tennis at a country club with some friends and I think my Grandpa worked there, not sure, but he went over to her and said very matter of factly, "The purpose of the game, Ms. Eklund, is to hit the ball over the net." I can totally see him saying that to her. They sure loved each other even after almost 69 years of marriage. I hope Josh and I last that long. :)


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