Sunday, March 11, 2007

Where does that time go?

Ever since I became a stay at home mom, time seems to go extremely fast. Some days are really long, but when I look back it really went by fast. Today Josh put Sydney's hair up in pigtails and she looked so cute. The scary thing was she also looked so old. Since when can she wear pigtails? She is also getting close to walking. I can feel it. She will stand up without the assistance of anything for quite awhile. I think yesterday was her record, maybe about a minute. She just has to move those feet forward. It will be weird when she does walk and instead of someone crawling at my feet I'll have someone standing up past my knees. She is sure a talker too. She trys to mimic words we say to her and does a pretty good job at it. She is always babbling. I wonder what she thinks she is saying. :) She is also becoming one of those toddlers I never thought I'd have. The one that screams and cries and thrashes her body around. Boy, I don't have the patience for that. I hope I can find it. She is also figuring out how to take advantage of her mommy. She loves to put things in her mouth especially carpet fuzz. The other day I saw her with a piece and said, don't put that in your mouth, and she crawled over to the side of the couch trying to get out of view and slowly put that carpet fuzz up to her mouth. I caught her doing this and she had this little grin on her face like she knew what she was doing was wrong. She also has this obsession with the bathroom and everything in the cabinets. I tell her not to go in there a million times a day. Today she snuck in and discovered lipstick and much to my horror got it all over her clothes and hands. I was pretty upset about that. Oh well, she's still cute. Right now she shut the door in her room and can't get out so she's calling out for me. That's funny.
So, in other news I drove by our house on Friday thinking maybe they had gotten the cement poured and to my surprise they were already framing and had done quite a bit. I couldn't believe it. It made me really nervous because we are barely finishing our condo to put on the market and are not ready for a house to be done in 4 or 5 months. It will probably take a while still. I'm sure they'll do things fast and then it will take a while to get to the next step. It is neat having a house built. Kind of unbelievable for me.
Here's a recent photo of Sydney. I took her out just behind our condo on the grass and she played like she never goes outside at all. Oh wait, she doesn't, because I'm a lame mom. :)


Blogger Jenny Mathews said...

Yeah, totally jealous about the brand new house!! How fun! I'm sure it's stressful, though - Good Luck!

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