Monday, March 26, 2007

Sydney's first steps

So, Sydney took her first steps all by herself today. I was watching some home videos of her when she was a baby as she decided she was going to be a big girl and walk. I saw her in the corner of my eye stand up and then I saw her move her foot up and I gasped. I think that scared her and she fell down, but quickly got back up and took several steps. I couldn't believe it. She fell and then got back up and took even more steps. I was so excited and I could tell she was so proud of herself. She was laughing and smiling. I can't believe she will be walking soon. I knew it would happen soon, but didn't know when. It is the cutest thing. Everyone tells me it will be hard when she walks, but she's already getting into stuff and reaching for things. She sure is the cutest. I am proud of her first little steps and can't wait for more. I hope she walks a little for daddy, since he missed it.


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