Here We Go Again

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Self Portrait

So, today I decided to enter another design team contest. I really pushed myself on this one as it was due tonight. I would love to design for a kit club, but what I really enjoy about entering is the end result, the pages I have made that mean a lot to me. Even if I don't get chosen, at least I have something to show. Anyway for one layout I decided to put some photos of me. I took my own picture in the bathroom mirror and I think they turned out cool. I still don't like my appearance much, but these make me look semi decent. :)

Yesterday we met with the superintendent about our house. They are supposed to have started getting our lot ready today. Pretty exciting. I don't imagine myself checking the lot every day to see what's been done, but a visit every now and then will happen. It still doesn't seem real and probably never will. That's fun though. I haven't posted any recent photos of Sydney lately. Here is one of her on the dishwasher. She climbs all over everything and yet she still won't walk. She's just not interested. I think because she can crawl so fast and she's so slow trying to walk. She'll get there. It is hard not to compare to other kids though. I see kids younger than her walking around, but each child is different and I have to remember that.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Selling a bunch of stuff

I am getting rid of some clutter which includes some of my scrapbook stuff. I have it posted here