Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What a day

So what started as a day of running a few errands turned into quite a long day. Sydney and I went out to Bookmans so I could look for a game for Secret Santa gift for church. Then I went to some clothing stores in the same shopping area. I had a bunch of stuff to try on and just as I was trying clothing on Sydney just lost it. She was so tired and maybe hungry. So, we had to leave. I decided to go to the mall since I had to pick up our portraits from the night before so I can get the Christmas cards out this week. Sydney passed out in the car after driving for about a minute. I though great I can have some time at the mall while she sleeps.
Well, it wasn't long after we got to the mall that she awoke. So, I got her some milk warmed up and we ate lunch together. She was pretty happy after that so we shopped for a bit. While in the last store I tried a shirt on and noticed that Sydney was missing a shoe. I loved these shoes and I got all frantic about losing it. A shoe! Why did I freak out about losing a shoe? There are more out there. So, we spent 15 minutes tracking our steps to try and find it with no luck and Sydney was really tired as she still hadn't had a nap yet. So, we headed out to the car and I buckled Sydney in and collapsed the stroller and stuffed in the trunk and closed the trunk. With my keys in it! I was so upset by this point. I dug into my messy purse and found some quarters and off Sydney and I went to find a pay phone to call daddy. Of course now I didn't have a stroller and Sydney is so heavy and I was tired. I called Josh and was pretty upset and he couldn't come right away since he had class and couldn't miss it. So, Sydney and I were stranded another couple of hours at the mall. I decided Sydney needed to play so we went over to the little play area. I thought it was a great idea, but it probably wasn't the best place to have a crawling baby where a ton of little kids are running and screaming. Sydney was find until these two little girls came over to her. The littlest one, about 1 1/2, grabbed a chunk of Sydney's hair and pulled as hard as she could. The moment I saw her grabbing Sydney's hair and ran over and almost slapped the little girl's hand. I grabbed Sydney and she was crying her head off. I'm sure that was pretty painful. I felt so bad for Sydney and the mom didn't even do anything. I wanted to take Sydney's pain away so bad. I realize now that the pain I felt must be a similar pain, on a much smaller scale, of what our Heavenly Father felt for his Son, Jesus Christ. I would think that He wanted many times to take His Son's place and take the pain away. But, it was part of the Plan. Anyway, when Sydney calmed down I let her go play again and that girl came back and Sydney was so scared and started crying so sadly. It really was the saddest thing to see. Luckily that girl left and Sydney ended up playing for a long time since we had nothing to do. She loved it too. We went and got an ice cream sundae at McDonalds, my favorite, and Sydney and I enjoyed it. She loved it and with every bite she said "MMMM" So cute. Then we went to sit down and I read her a book of hers and she fell asleep sitting on my lap. Daddy finally came to the rescue and all was good.
Despite such a long and hard day I had some special moments. I really enjoyed being with Sydney. I think me and her will have a great relationship. I hope I can be a good mother to her.


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