Thursday, December 07, 2006

Boy names

So, I have the hardest time thinking of boy names. I am not pregnant, just thinking of names. I saw this on MSN's homepage that the top boy name of this year was Aiden. And I think I really like that name. I just want to say this now just in case one of my sister in laws or my sister chooses the name. I just want to have a record that I chose the name first. :) They can have it if they really want.

I think we may be getting our Christmas tree today. Kind of nervous about having one with Sydney so young and getting into everything. She may be good though as long as we let her no it is off limits. We'll see about that. I am also hoping to write my Christmas letter and get them out by next week. I just got our Christmas photos so I'll post them here. Just in case you didn't get a card from me. Sorry I had limited quantities. :)


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