Monday, November 06, 2006

"Busy Here"

(These are the entries for the design team I did)

Well, we have been really busy around here. I have been trying to finish painting the kitchen red. I love the look, but I couldn't get the edges right. We will either try caulking them or will have to put up crown moulding. I am very anxious to get this condo done and on the market to sell, but with Josh working and going to school it has pretty much been impossible. That is okay, that is more important.

This past week we have been working on putting a garage sale on for my parents. Their garage has been accumulating the past five-ten years of stuff. We tackled one half of the garage and did a garage sale on Saturday. Let me say that I am not the kind that goes out to garage sales at 6 am and rummages through other people's junk. I just don't have the patience to weed through hundreds of things just to find one treasure. I will say that doing a garage sale will help you if you have a shopping problem. We went out later that day and I couldn't look at another book or piece of clothing. I just felt sick. Plus I wasn't willing to par more than 25 cents for a book or 5o cents for a shirt. After all that's all they become worth once you buy it. :( Anyway the garage sale was quite a success for what we had out there. Just a lot of work. We will start working on part two of our garage sale soon.

I have been doing a lot of scrapbooking lately. Well, more than I usually have done in the past. I entered a design team contest (didn't get picked) and it was really good for me. I kind of figured out a little more about what my style is. I actually am more of a simple scrapper. I didn't think so, but I like the simple look and design. I also have been making some pages to sell on Ebay, of which didn't sell. I have come to the conclusion the the premade page market on Ebay has become saturated with so many people and many with no talent that it is becoming impossible for me to sell my stuff. People don't want to pay twenty dollars for a page when they could one from someone else for a dollar. Unfortunately I didn't start doing this so I could lose money so I am not sure this will work out. We'll see. I think I need to get more clients so that I am recognized as someone that makes quality pages with quality products. It is hard though. I should have done this a long time ago, but didn't have the time.

Sydney is doing really well. She is crawling all over the place, talking a lot, pointing at things, eating new things, and getting teeth in. Her top two teeth have poked through and so she has been in a much better mood this past week. I love it. She is like a whole new baby. She is sleeping much better. She'll wake up a few times, but usually goes right back to sleep. I was having a hard time when she wouldn't sleep, but I read an email from a doctor that said I shouldn't expect my baby to sleep perfectly every night. I was surprised to read that because all these books tell you something must be wrong if she's not sleeping all the time.


Blogger Jenny Mathews said...

Hi Renee!

Love your cards and pages! I really like the simple style too. I think your stuff is really good! We're trying to get our house ready to put on the market in Jan. It's STRESSFUL! See you over at PP!

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