Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Theives SUCK

Last night our car was broken into. Actually it happened around 5:30 during the DAY! When people are coming home from work. These people were desperate. They stole my stereo which they'll only get about ten bucks for, but they caused up to $1000 in damage. That's what really pisses me off. This is the second time my car has been broken into for the stereo. My biggest complaint is they should have broken the driver side window since that one is already not working. Now we have two windows to replace plus a non working AC plus breaks plus a million other little things. I'm through with cars. They are such a waste. Anyway this makes me want to get a gun. If I had caught these guys I would have ....

Well, today has still been good despite our troubles. Josh gets tomorrow off work so he may start working on our kitchen. We are getting excited about selling this place and buying a real home in a safer community. We can't stop thinking about buying a home.


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