Friday, July 28, 2006

Update on Thieves Suck

Well, we didn't catch them, but we did get the window fixed and it was covered under our insurance. The glass company even came out to our house and fixed the window here and vaccumed our car out. That was nice. The dashboard wasn't damages so it snapped back in and Josh's parents had an old radio that we might be able to put in. So, I guess we are lucky and everything worked out in the end. Except these people got away and they are probably ruining other people's lives as we speak all in the name of drugs. So sad. I'm glad I can raise my children in a better environment and teach them the right ways of life. Hopefully. :)

We went to our meeting to talk "money" about buying a home in Sierra Morado. We came home excited about it thinking we could afford it, but after calculating what are net income will be before everything else we decided this home we want is a little too expensive for our budget. I keep trying to talk myself into believing we can afford it, but it would not be wise to get into a home we can't afford. So, we will think about buying the next smallest house they have and see if we can afford that and if it is what we want. It's hard living on one salary, but it's not worth it for me to put Sydney in daycare. Granted it is for some, but not for me. I love watching Sydney grow and learn and develop and I want to be the one to see this. I don't want someone else reporting to me that she took her first step that day or said her first word. I want to be there as long as I can. Yesterday I went in to get Sydney up from her nap and she was totally rolled onto her tummy. I couldn't believe that. Then this morning she was crying at an unusual hour for her and I went in and she was on her tummy again. She just can't figure out how to roll back. She's so funny.

Well, I better go and do some work. Here's what the smaller house would look like. It really is kind of cute and it would be a nice step up from what we have.


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