Monday, July 24, 2006

My baby's growing up

I bought this whale that squirts water out of its spout in the water and Sydney loves it. As I was giving her a bath tonight I was pushing the button to make the water out Sydney put her little finger over the spout so the water couldn't come out. I don't know why this was so amazing to me, but it was! I underestimate her intelligence all the time and was thinking about how I need to watch that especally as she gets older. She just seems so smart for being a baby. It is so fun to watch her discover new things and to see her curiosity over the smallest things.

I sure love her.

These photos were taken last week at Picture People. The first one is my favorite. The second one I actually went back to the store for. I told myself I would only buy one, but after thinking about it for a few days I decided I had to have this one too. I love that little eyebrow raised. She looks so sassy and grown up.


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