Friday, July 21, 2006

More about Me

I saw this on other people's blogs and thought maybe I should share a little more about myself.

Name On Birth Certificate: Renee
Nicknames: Nay, Beener
Email address: I'm not putting that here. Sorry. :(
Color of eyes: brown
Hair color: Brown, but I get it highlighted. One time I dyed it bright red and I loved it, but I was the only one.
Shoe Size: 8 1/2
You live with: My perfect family; a loving husband, an adorable baby girl, and a crzy cat

-----------------------------------HAVE YOU EVER--------------------------------
Missed school because it was raining:I don't think so, but I don't remember. Most of my childhood was spent in California and Arizona where it never rains on a school day let alone enough to cancel school.
Put a body part on fire for amusement: No way, that's a weird question.
Been hurt emotionally: Of course, everyone has.
Had an imaginary friend?: I don't remember, but I did pretend my stuffed animals were alive and even named every single one. I had a lot.
Cried during a Movie?: Yeah, it was while I was pregnant though. Never really cried before then. Oh except for Father of the Bride 1 and 2.
Ever thought an animated character was hot?: Um no.
Been on stage: Yeah, I would have never thought of me on stage, but I did beginning choir my Junior year of High School. I had to.
Been sarcastic: Yeah, unfortunately it's kind of a bad habit.
Shampoo: Pantene ProV
Soap: I use Caress bodywash. They smell good.
Color/shade: I love pink. I used to hate it though.
Cartoon Characters: I don't watch any, but I probably like Mickey.
Drink: Dr. Pepper, Berries and Cream
Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean, the first one. I've watched this way too many times. I also love Lord of the Rings, but I need to wait awhile to watch it again.
Ice Cream: I love ice cream, but don't eat it too much. I would love to eat at Cold Stone every day if I could.
Subject: I love math, always have.
Animals: Cat, named Duncan. He acts like a dog though.
Silver or gold: Platinum
Diamond or pearl: Diamonds, but don't really care about jewelry.
Chocolate or Vanilla:I love vanilla ice cream, love chocolate sweets though, especially brownies.
---------------------------------------RIGHT NOW-----------------------------------
Wearing: Jeans! in the summer! White shirt from Old Navy in the kids section. How sick is that?
Talking to: Sydney, she's tired and ready for a nap.
-----------------------------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS----------------------------
Cried: No, but I tend to hold in my emotions.
met some one new: I just saw the pool guys walk by, maybe I should meet them. Just kidding. That was wrong. I did go to a baby shower last night for someone I have never really been introduced to. That counts
---------------------------------------BELIEVE IN-------------------------------------
yourself: Sure
tooth fairy: No, and I think the whole consept is kind of dumb. I've lost lots of things and never got a penny for them.
ghosts: I don't know about this one. Sometimes I can scare myself.
ufo's: No
Do you belive in soul mates?: I do just because it would be too much of a coincidence for how Josh and I ended up together.
----------------------------------FRIENDS AND LIFE-------------------------------
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Husband
Like anyone?: Sure, I love my family and the few friends I have.
Best friends: Vicki, but she just moved. We still are good friends though.
Person you have u known the longest of ur friends: Ann Marie, since Freshman year of High School. Almost 10 years.
Who is the loudest: Josh, my husband, then Sydney.
Who's the weirdest: Josh :) JK
Who has seen you cry: Pretty much all my friends and family. I was pretty emotional while pregnant plus post pregnancy was even weirder.
What is the best feeling in the world: Knowing families are FOREVER.
-------------------------FILL OUT------------------------
Sunset or sunrise: Sunset, I am not a morning person. Don't know if I've even seen a sunrise.
Have you ever gone skinny dipping: ;)
Have you ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone: No, I'm lucky and too careful.
Rain, sun or snow?: I love rain, but only in Tucson. Snow is nice to look at, but not to live in. The sun is the best as long as I'm indoors.
How is the weather right now?: Sunny and Hot. Wish it would rain. :)
Do u like cookies?: Uh Huh. I'm becoming more addicted to cookies. I love snickerdoodles.
What makes you happy? My family, scrapbooking, watching movies, good food.
2 shy 2 ask some 1 out?: Now that I'm married I don't have to worry about that. Thank goodness.
Ever Been Kissed?: Yep, everyday. Sometimes not by choice. :)


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